Each week it is so hard to decide what to write about. I absolutely love every piece we listed this week so, again, rather than pick just one subject I’m going to talk about each piece. I may highlight the Drexel Plus One Peter Max style bedroom set a little more because….because…well look at it!!! As always, click on the photo and it will take you to the full listing where you can see lots more photos.


Pair Mid Century Modern Birchcraft Danish Style Side Chairs by BaumritterFirst up is a striking pair of mid-century modern side chairs. These are such a pair of sassy little chairs! American made Mid-Century Modern chairs that were inspired by the Danish Modern designs of the era. Circa 1960s and from the Birchcraft Collection by Baumritter Corporation. Comprised of solid wood construction and featuring a curvaceous winged back with tapered round legs. Very simple and very stunning. This pair still has its original red orange and rust striped velvet fabric which is in fabulous condition. Baumritter was founded by Theodore Baumritter and his brother-in-law, Nathan C. Ancell, in New York in 1932 as Baumritter and Co. In 1939 they introduced an “Early American” furniture line, Ethan Allen, which subsequently, in 1972, became the company name, which we know them by now. During the 1950s and 1960s Baumritter produced at least two lines of modern furnishings. One being Birchcraft and the other Viko. These chairs are an imposing example of the Mid-Century Modern movement from a company we all relate to for their Early American stylings. Click on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Mid Century Mod Daisy Ice Bucket by Jack Frost Orange Green Yellow WhiteNext up and you are going to go ape over is this groovy ice bucket that just looks like a fun in the sun mod flower child summer party! Bright green, orange, white and sunshine yellow daisies cover the exterior of this fab little guy and are set off with a bright white bail and lid with ball handle. The interior is nice and clean black plastic and it retains its original Jack Frost Ice Buckets label on the bottom. This hip party is ready to start on your deck, porch, or patio. Just add ice and your favorite beverage or cocktail and get ready to have a blast! Can you tell this was my era!!? Ha! Click on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Russel Wright Eclipse Old Fashioned Cocktail Glasses for Bartlett Collins MCM Set EightThird and wow! Just wow! This is an early set of Eclipse old fashioned cocktail glasses that Russel Wright designed for Bartlett Collins Glass Co. in 1957. Each glass has gold and colored polka dots in varying sizes on the Oklahoma shape of Bartlett Collins. The gold has mottled effect not solid and the colored polka dots are not the same colors as I was seeing the most of while researching. I thought possibly these were new as they are in such good condition; however, I found that they are in fact early production of this line and can be seen in one of the original ads for these glasses in these exact colors with the mottled gold. These also can be seen on page 234 of Ann Kerr’s book on Russel Wright titled Collector’s Encyclopedia of Russel Wright Third Edition. I have never seen such a perfect set and in such wonderful condition. By the way, Bartlett Collins Glass Co. started their company in my home state of Kansas!! Click on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Drexel Plus One Peter Max Style Five Piece Bedroom Set 1970And now, here is the bedroom set!!! Every flower child needs a bedroom set like this! I know I would have loved it. As, apparently, would have every Seventeen Magazine reading teenage girl in 1970. When designing this collection Drexel polled young girls via Seventeen Magazine. Then used their ideas to create this awesome line of bedroom furniture which is built to their exacting standards of quality. The set is comprised of four pieces including a full-size headboard, bookcase/desk, make-up vanity/bulletin board, and night stand. The headboard made in a funky four poster style and labeled Bed in Peter Max style writing is in sunshine yellow with the writing in white, hot pink, and chartreuse green. The bookcase/desk is also in sunshine yellow and proudly proclaims on its face, again in Peter Max style, Storage, Desk, and Drawer. Again, in sunshine yellow, the most amazing nightstand imaginable, is made of a little box stating GoodNight on its drawer face and is perched atop a petal-shaped base. The final piece is in the color Drexel called Green with Envy and is it ever enviable! Is it a make-up vanity? Or is it a bulletin board? It is both! In an A-fame shape featuring a Hollywood style make-up vanity complete with lights on one side; and, a corkboard bulletin board on the other, with storage in between. One of the fun and interesting things about this vintage furniture business I’m in and passion I have for it, is treasures come into my life and go out. And, as with this set, come back again. Some years ago, we sold this fabulous set to a mom for her little girl who adored and love it! Now that little girl is ready for a change and we have it back again to, hopefully, make another little girl happy. Or a big girl. As I said at the start, every flower child needs this in their life. Click on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.

Drexel Plus One Peter Max Style Five Piece Bedroom Set 1970Drexel Plus One Peter Max Style Five Piece Bedroom Set 1970Drexel Plus One Peter Max Style Five Piece Bedroom Set 1970Drexel Plus One Peter Max Style Five Piece Bedroom Set 1970



Hollywood Regency Wrought Iron Dining Table with Octagon Gilded Wood Rimmed Glass TopFour Hollywood Regency Wrought Iron Dining Chairs by Swirl Craft of Sun ValleyThe last two items this week are Hollywood Regency treasures. A gorgeous octagon table that will make a bold and beautiful statement wherever you decide to use it. And, the handsome set of four wrought iron and upholstered dining chairs that went with it. We are selling them separately since the use of sets in design anymore is a big no-no! At least in my design world. Hmmmmmm? Maybe, that should be a future blog post subject? Anyway, these pieces have scrolls and swirls and spirals……oh my! They were produced by Swirl Craft of Sun Valley sometime after 1973 and before 1980. I went deep diving on the internet but, I haven’t yet found out much about Swirl Craft other than they were incorporated in California in 1973 and are now closed. But, no matter their maker or pedigree, they are awesome and intriguing and beautiful! Click on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


That’s it folks! Thanks for reading. Join me next week. Until then……enjoy your life and your home!! Chris


I’ve had a tough time with inspiration for writing the blog this week. Maybe because I need to write for the second week in a row about outdoor furniture and its been cold and dreary. Today, however, is beautiful, sunny, and nice and I still am not inspired. Maybe because I’m sitting here at my computer instead of being outside and enjoying it. Yeah, yeah…. that’s the reason so……. bye bye. I’m otta here (as soon as I give you the technical details on this week’s new offerings.) Here goes.  (remember to click on the photos to see the listing on our website.)


Vintage Windsor Blackened Teak Outdoor ArmchairsFirst, we have these fabulous blackened teak outdoor chairs. Their natural teak has been changed to a deep rich black with an application of pigment dye. So beautiful, versatile, and a modern departure from the natural teak. We have personally had a set of these outside without any maintenance for 10 years and, although they could use some now, have remained very sturdy and beautiful. The deep black has aged to a gorgeous silvered black. We have a total of three already dyed in stock but if you would like more, we can dye, for an additional charge, any of the natural ones we have as well as the benches and side tables. For that matter they probably could be dyed any color you would choose but I’m not sure how some colors would turn out. Might be fun to try! Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


The next three items listed are the natural teak chairs, benches and side tables that match the above dyed chairs in style but have been left natural.


Vintage Windsor Natural Teak Outdoor Three Seat BenchFirst up are the benches. We have a total of three. They are a generous comfortable size and made of heirloom quality teak from sustainable teak plantations by Windsor Teak Furniture as are all the teak furniture we have listed. The benches are comprised of a slatted back and seat and nice wide sturdy arms. They are comfy even without a cushion. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.



Vintage Windsor Natural Teak Outdoor ArmchairNext are the chairs of which we have 16. They are a generous comfortable size and made of heirloom quality teak from sustainable teak plantations the same as the benches and are comprised of a slatted back and seat and nice wide sturdy arms too. They are equally as comfy with or without cushions or pillows. These would look incredible around a large outdoor dining table for your al fresco dinner parties. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.



Vintage Windsor Natural Teak Outdoor Side TableLast of the teak are the little side tables or I suppose they could be little stools. They certainly are sturdy enough; but, they are just the right spot to sit a cocktail or cup of coffee. And, again, made of heirloom quality teak from sustainable teak plantations by Windsor Teak Furniture. The table/stools are comprised of a slatted top with a slight overhang of the square teak legs and apron. We do have 14 of these in this natural finish and we could dye them, as I’ve said before. You could mix these little table/stools with your current outdoor furniture and they would look incredible. Or just buy a complete set of our chairs and benches and tables. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Small Antique Japanese Banko Ware Figural Bird Teapot with Wrapped Rattan HandleThis week we also listed three small collectable items. The first of those is a great little Japanese Banko teapot in the shape of a little bird. And such a precious and lovely little bird it is. It is circa late 19th century or early 20th century. Comprised of the typical Banko ware clay with delicate hand painted designs in green, brown, blue, yellow and pink and adorned with flowering plum blossoms. The wrapped rattan or bamboo handle is removable as is typical of these teapots and the lid is oh so small, delicate and fragile. I suspicion that this tiny bird gives a whistle when the water is ready. But I think I would only use this little feathered friend decoratively. You know how some things just feel good in your hands? Well……. this little teapot is one of those things. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Royal Doulton Porcelain Jovial Sitting Jester Figurine HN2016Next are two pieces of Royal Doulton. The first of these is a jester figurine. It was produced from 1949-1997 and what a jovial jaunty jester he is! This iconic piece of Royal Doulton porcelain was designed by Charles J. Noke, the original art director at Royal Doulton. Legend states that Noke was fascinated by the jester with his dangling bells and colorful, mismatched patterns so much so that he modeled his very first piece for Doulton in the likes of a jester. All the quality and artistry which Royal Doulton is renowned is evident in this one small piece. This impressive, colorful character represents all the talent and achievement for the famous artist who created him. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Royal Doulton The Clown Character Toby Jug D6322 with White HairThe final collectable and the final listing for the week is a Royal Doulton clown Character Jug which was produced from 1951-1955. Toby jugs have been around since the early 18th century and although this guy is commonly called a Toby jug, he is not. This jaunty fellow is, actually, a Character jug. A Toby jug depicts a full body and head where a Character jug is just a bust or head. There is quite the distinction between jugs and mugs as well. A jug has a spout for pouring and a mug does not. So………. this is a Character Jug! Created by one of Royal Doulton’s most famous modelers, Harry Fenton, who was assistant to Charles J. Noke, the original art director at Royal Doulton when joining in the 1890’s. Fenton adapted the original impressionistic style to a more realistic than stylized appearance for many of his pieces. Until the 1990s Fenton had been the most prolific modeler with 26-character jugs, 15 toby jugs and numerous other items. Fenton passed away in 1953 shortly after creating this iconic The Clown Character jug in 1951. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


There you go. Our items for this week. Now, I’m otta here……. until next time……enjoy your life and your home!!! Chris


Hello Troupes! Or is it Troops??? Oh well. I’m ready for Spring. How about you? We actually haven’t had much bad winter weather here in Topeka. Although I am looking outside at snow right this minute and it is forecast for tomorrow too. But, I am still ready for Spring and early Summer. I don’t like extremes, so I don’t like it when it gets too hot either. Anyway, since I’m looking forward to sitting outside and it is time to start planning for those outdoor living areas, we decided to have our new listings for the next couple of weeks feature those great indoor and outdoor areas. So, get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and peruse this week’s offerings. Remember to click on the photo to see the complete listing with more photos, sizing information and price. Here goes……


Salterini Style Wrought Iron Patio Set Round Table and Four Chairs with Turquoise Vinyl SeatsFirst up is a delightful little circa 1950s patio set including a round table and four chairs. We love this vintage wrought iron with its graceful curves and spirals. It has just enough going on without being too busy. After tons of online research, we have not been able to determine the maker, but we feel it to be done in the style of John B. Salterini as we have seen similar pieces attributed to him. The table with its central pedestal base makes seating easy with no legs to get in the way. Its painted finish has lots of age patina if that is your cup of tea, if not, it can easily be painted. And, its glass top can be used indoors or out. The chairs are very comfy and will be easy to linger in over dinner. Their turquoise vinyl seats with royal blue piping are very bold, bright, and beautiful. They would put a spark of color in your sunroom or on your patio or deck for sure. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Polished Aluminum Tulip Shaped Swivel Lounge Chairs by Russell Woodard Set of FourSecond is an awesome set of polished aluminum swivel lounge chairs by Russell Woodard that I am struggling with putting up for sale as I love them soooooo much! These are the epitome of mid-century modern sunroom furniture! Attributed to Russell Woodard circa 1960s and comprised of polished aluminum and chrome with such a sculptural form. Their curving back sweeps down and around to form the curvaceous bucket shape. The bucket seat is perched atop a chrome swivel base. Most of these Woodard aluminum tulip-shaped chairs have the same aluminum base as the bucket seat and can be used outside; however, this set has a chromed base that would not be suitable for the out of doors. They will need cushions made; but, we do have one of the original back cushion that can be used as a pattern. Wouldn’t they look fabulous in your mid-century modern sun room, living room, family room, entryway, bedroom, just any room you choose?! Someone better hurry and buy these before I change my mind. Ha! Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Russell Woodard Spun Fiberglass Patio Table and Four Chairs in BlackNext is another patio set attributed to Russell Woodard. John’s mom had this exact set. I think her granddaughter, our niece, Jennifer, has it now. And, what an iconic mid-century modern outdoor patio set to own! I hope she hangs onto it and passes it to one of her kids. I must admit, although by most online reports this set is designed by Russell Woodard and produced by Woodard Furniture circa 1960s, we did not find this set listed in the Woodard Furniture timeline. But, whatever its true origins, it is a fantastic design which is comprised of spun fiberglass webbing that somewhat mimics the look of wicker but with a much more modern approach. We have painted this typically white set a gorgeous rich black which I believe makes a good-looking set outstanding! This round table along with its glass top and sassy little chairs is ready to put some spark in your life. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Mid Century Modern Round Wrought Iron and Laminate Patio Dining Table Style of Arturo PaniFourth is a mid-century modern round wrought iron and laminate patio table. We are in love with this exceptional mid-century modern wrought iron dining table!! We have seen this same table base with an onyx top attributed to Arturo Pani; however, this table’s only marking is a tag on the bottom of the top which says Blacksmith Shop Collection and is dated 12-71. Extensive online research has not garnered us any information on Blacksmith Shop Collection or documentation tying this to Arturo Pani. But……This is a marvelous piece of high quality mid-century modern furniture, no doubt. It is comprised of a fabulous wrought iron geometric pedestal base with a stunning white faux slate laminate top. It is a striking combination that would, obviously, be perfect in a sunroom aka Florida room, California room, or lanai. But, I think it would also make a statement in your dining room, kitchen, family room, or really wherever a table is needed. It is not suitable for outdoors with its current laminate top; but, it could have a stone or glass top exchanged for that and be very handsome on your porch, deck, or patio. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.

Pair Bartolucci-Waldheim Barwa Lounge Chairs Aluminum and Yellow CanvasPair Bartolucci-Waldheim Barwa Lounge Chairs Aluminum and Yellow CanvasIMG_3238Last, but definitely not the least is this exceptional pair of lounge chairs. I am so excited to present this awesome pair of chaise lounge chairs! They are called the Barwa chair and were designed in 1947 by Edgar Bartolucci and John Waldheim. They are comprised of an extruded aluminum tube frame that has a slipcover of canvas which is laced up on the backside and bottom like a corset. Pure lovely simplicity of form. The frame allows for a two-position relaxation just by rocking it forward or back for feet-over-head reclining. At the time it was touted as just what the doctor ordered for healthful relaxation. Considered a streamline update from Michael Thonet’s bentwood lounge chairs or Le Corbusier and Marcel Breuer’s metal versions. These would, obviously, look fabulous on your patio or by the pool but I can also see them covered in a fabric that would make them work wonderfully in a living room or by a fireplace. The existing canvas cover on these has seen better days (it might make one more season) but, goodness, the sky is the limit on what the new covers could be!!! Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.

Pair Bartolucci-Waldheim Barwa Lounge Chairs Aluminum and Yellow CanvasIMG_3238Pair Bartolucci-Waldheim Barwa Lounge Chairs Aluminum and Yellow CanvasIMG_3238

Ok, now I’m even more excited for Spring! Until next week, enjoy your life and your home! Chris


Industrial Chic continues at Warehouse 414. We got on a roll and our new offerings this week are, again, Industrial Chic plus we’ve added a couple vases for something pretty. I think I said it all last week regarding my feeling that Industrial Chic is here to stay. At least till I’m not doing this anymore! So, I’m not going to babble on and on I’ll just give you a little overview of each of our items listed this week. Remember to click on the photo to see the complete listing on our website.


Petite Industrial Antique Medical Apothecary Cupboard with Cabriole LegsFirst is a sweet petite antique industrial apothecary cabinet. This is such an adorable little industrial cupboard. A perfect bathroom storage cabinet. It retains its original tag stating Woolf Instrument Corporation Manufacturers of Ophthalmic Appliances 516 Fifth Ave. New York, New York. It is comprised of painted steel with a stepped back shape that stands on cast iron curvy cabriole legs with ball feet. The upper stepped back portion has a pair of steel framed beveled glass doors with a great little nickel-plated twist latch. The perfect place for toiletries. The bottom deeper portion has a full width shallow drawer with nickel plated bin pull handles and an open storage space that is just crying out for rolled up towels. Below that and holding the cabriole legs together is an open shelf just waiting for pretty little boxes or jars of more bathroom accoutrement. Of course, it could be used in a bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, or living room. And, I can see it making the best little dry bar around. So many possibilities!!!! Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Industrial Steel Bookcase Shelving Painted Great Patina VintageNext are five industrial shelving units. These incredible vintage steel shelving units will make the best library or place to display your collections, whether it’s in your industrial loft or you are giving a fabulous industrial, modern country, or rustic look to your home or apartment. These shelves would also be awesome in a kitchen! Each shelving unit is comprised of four angled steel corners, which are supplied with holes every inch so that the shelves can be adjusted. There are six shelves per unit providing seven openings and each opening is 12 inches deep. That will hold a lot of stuff!  They have their original factory gray / green paint, and each have their own individual beautiful age patina which is, obviously, part of their charm. These are absolutely fabulous and if you are interested in them I wouldn’t wait too long. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Art Deco Machine Age Streamline Moderne Table or Desk by Royal Metal ManufacturingThe third piece could be a writing desk. Or, it could be a hall table. Or, it could be a make-up vanity. It could be called Art Deco, Machine Age, Streamline Modern, Art Moderne, or even Mid-Century Modern. We hope you will call it yours. It retains its original Royal Metal Manufacturing oval tag. Most likely made for their Royalchrome, aka Royal Chrome, line. Royal Metal Co. started in business in 1897. In 1921 they were purchased by Heywood Wakefield but continued manufacturing under the Royal Metal Co. name. They employed some of the great machine age designers, KEM Weber, Donald Deskey, and Alfons Bach. This is a design classic. It is timeless and wonderful. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Single Stack Industrial Gym Locker Cubby Style Vintage Distressed PaintedThe fourth item is a single stack of gym lockers and they are driving me crazy because they’ve made me have an earworm!! I keep singing Aerosmith’s Walk This Way! “There was three young ladies in the school gym locker, When I noticed they was lookin’ at me”…………..Oh! Anyway. These are awesomely cool and so ugly they are beautiful. You need this kind of wonderful in your life. This single column cubical style gym locker in all its distressed and patinated glory is just what the designer would order. This locker is comprised of six individual cubicles with louver vented doors to air out those stinky gym clothes and a hasp for a padlock to keep them safe. It is held up off the floor by slender angle iron legs. Someone along the line has added needed u-pulls to open the doors. The unit was painted tan many moons ago on the front and one side with the back and opposite side remaining the original gray/green. We assume this was once the end unit of a continuous bank of lockers. I can just hear the squeaking of gym shoes on the basketball court when I look at this great vintage piece. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Art Deco Streamline Moderne Machine Age Desk by Walter Dorwin Teague for TexacoThe final Industrial Chic item and the pièce de résistance is this phenomenal Art Deco, Streamline Moderne, Machine Age black and chrome desk. This is such an incredible desk and piece of history, where do I start. It was designed by Walter Dorwin Teague for Texaco gas stations. And was produced by Royal Metal. What more prestige and history could one piece have. It is comprised of a steel box which has a textured black painted finish and three equal size drawers. The box is floating in a continuous chrome tube S-shaped frame with the frame alone supporting the black laminate-like top with its ribbed aluminum trim and creating the legs. It retains its original Royal Metal tag and I won’t go into Royal Metal again since can read about them in the paragraph above. But, I will tell you a little bit about Walter Dorwin Teague (USA, 1883-1960). He has come to be known as the Dean of Industrial Design. He pioneered in the establishment of industrial design as a profession along with Norman Bel Geddes, Raymond Loewy, and Henry Dreyfuss. In addition to designing the entire Texaco gas station inside and out, he designed for Eastman Kodak; he designed the Marmon 16, the first automobile to be conceived by an industrial designer; the Steinway Peace Piano; 32 design patterns for Steuben Glass; The Sparton Bluebird Radio; as well as passenger cars and diners for the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad. The company he founded is still operating in Seattle and designing under the name of Teague with clients the likes of Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and Boeing to name only a few. I could go on forever about the attributes of this desk and Teague. If you want to learn more about him, Wikipedia does a good job. As for the desk, maybe you should just own it and you can sing its praises. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


We also listed a couple pretty vases. One is a Japanese Art Deco lusterware vase circa 1940s shaped somewhat like a rocket ship! And the other is monumental classic style German floor vase by S & G Keramik circa 1950s. BS and G Keramik Monumental Classic Style German Ceramic Floor VaseJapanese Art Deco Lusterware Vase Floral with Gold Accent circa 1900’s-1940’soth are very good examples of their particular type of pottery/ceramics and of their age and style. You should click on the link and read about them.

And this, my friends, concludes my blog. Whew! Great stuff. Until next time……..enjoy your life and your home! Chris


Hello my friends. This week we stressed Industrial Chic with our new offerings. Although we have always had the odd piece of industrial design décor pieces listed we haven’t ever offered them en masse and this week we are. The Industrial Chic look has been fashionable for some time now and I think it is fair to say it will be around for a while longer and, I believe, is slated to become a design classic. It is a strong enough design ethic to stand on its own; but, blends very well with other design stiles. And isn’t that part of what defines a classic? Its ability to stand the test of time and blend in with its surroundings? I believe it is. The Industrial Chic aesthetic fits right in and tempers a Mid-Century Modern structured design; or adds a spark of whimsy to the staid traditional home; gives country a more modern feel; and basically, softens most design paths. So, whether you live in an industrial loft space; a chic small home; a mid-century modern beauty; a traditional Tudor; a farm house; or an apartment; you can use these great pieces of Industrial Chic we are offering as our new listings this week. Don’t be afraid to find a place in your current surrounding to use a wonderful piece of Industrial Chic. Remember to click on the photo to view the full listing for each item on our website.

Industrial Steel Bookcase Shelving Unit Original Paint with Great PatinaOur first offering is this incredible steel shelving unit, which, holy industrial design Batman, will make the best bookcase or place to display your collections ever! This shelving unit would also be fabulous in a kitchen or a kid’s room. It has its original factory army green paint and is sporting its own individual age and use induced patina. No worries about adding another dent or scratch to this baby. Just think of the possibilities. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.



American Industrial Work Table Maple Top Steel Base VintageSecond is an amazing American industrial factory work table with its original maple top and painted steel base. Need a kitchen island or a bar in your man cave? Look no further. This incredible piece of 20th Century industrial design is just what the designer ordered. It even has its own electrical supply cord and outlets. We have cleaned its original chipped and faded paint job on its base and we have sanded and oiled the wood so that is it nice and smooth with no splintering yet still retains its fabulous age patina. And, we’ve made sure the wiring is workable and safe to use. All you need to do is decide where you are going to use it then make it yours. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Industrial Three Tier Stainless Steel Rolling Cart VintageThird and wow! How I love this stainless-steel rolling cart! Let me count the ways! 1 – It would make the most wonderful unusual dry bar or 2 – a fabulous kitchen cart or island. 3 – I can see it as a towel cart in a bathroom or 4 – for use in a laundry room and 5 – even in a nursery and a changing station. 6 – Printer stand, 7 – TV stand, 8 – Utility cart next to your BBQ grill. I could keep going but……. how many ways could you use it? It is comprised of three tiers of beautiful heavy gauge stainless steel that has acquired a wonderful age patina. Those tiers are held in place by a u-shaped stainless-steel tube frame which is held up by two large wheels on the front end and two small wheels on the back with a handle on the top tier for steering. Perfect! Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


American Industrial Oak and Steel Pallet Coffee Table Three by Five FeetThe last Industrial Chic listing this week are our oak and steel pallets as coffee table. Which happen to be our most widely used and sought-after item we have ever had in our shop, plus both our kids have them in their homes! This pair is a bit larger than our others and we only have the one pair this size; but you can find our smaller ones on our website too. Comprised of angle iron and oak, maybe some ash, planks, just stack one pallet on top of the other and they are the perfect height for a fabulous coffee table. The lower pallet then provides a wonderful useful shelf for magazines, books, or those ever-present clickers aka remote controls! These pallets are so handsome, yet they are very kid, teen, and husband friendly. You can put your feet on them. You can set a soda can or glass on them without worry. And you can even build a great Lego village on them or run your Hot Wheel cars around the edges without worry of harming their look. We’ve done nothing to these but clean them leaving them with their own interesting character; however, we have done some with a clear coat applied to the steel and a couple we have even applied a finish on the wood. Another set we painted the steel black and stained the wood and they are still as durable and usable. The décor styles where we have placed them have been just as varied. These are one of my all-time favorites in our shop! Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.

There you go. Four more incredible items added to our online inventory and another week of my babbling thoughts. Until next time…….enjoy your life and your home!!! Chris



Another week another blog. This week is really a mixed bag of treasures. In trying to think about a topic to write about I realized there was no cohesiveness to our offering this week and I needed to just make this one short and sweet and tell you about the just the items themselves. So here goes………


Adrian Pearsall Style Triangular Glass Top Side Table Mid Century ModernFirst up is this awesome little side table that John and I found at a local flea market. It is touted all over the internet as being designed by the famed Adrian Pearsall but………..I don’t find it on any of the printed brochures, so we are calling it attributed to. None-the-less it is a fabulous little table with its sculpted oak triangular base and rounded triangular glass top. It is also described as being a planter table and many photos show similar tables with a triangle shaped pottery planter in the middle of the triangle formed by the way the crossbar supports of the base intersect. Wish I had that planter. If ever you see one. Get in touch with me.  OK? OK. So, we can’t confirm definitely that it is by Adrian Pearsall and we can’t confirm definitely that it is a planter table; but, what we can confirm is it is visually a knockout! And in fabulous condition. And Adrian Pearsall stuff is really sought after right now. So………there you go. I’m still going to write a whole blog about Adrian Pearsall one of these days.


Antique Black Cat Silhouette Cast Iron Folk Art Boot Scraper SculptureSecond in line is a boot scraper of all things! This guy is very proud and handsome whether used for his intended purpose as a boot scraper or as a sculpture. My favorite place to view him is proudly strutting across an outdoor view on a windowsill waving his jaunty tail. He is made of cast iron with a black painted finish and great patina. A similar feline boot scraper is in the permanent collection of The Museum of American Folk Art in New York. That one has a slightly different base and his eyes are pierced all the way through and not just an indentation. But I guess that is what makes them folk art being slightly different. Whatever. He/She makes me smile.


Louis XV Style Two Piece Vitrine or China CabinetThird, and this really will let you see what I mean about a mixed bag, is a Louis XV style china cabinet or vitrine.  What a wonderful and gorgeous piece this is with its luscious veneers, curvaceous cabriole legs, ornate hardware and carvings, mirrored interior back, beveled glass doors, and dovetailed drawers. It has me/us puzzled as to its age. John thinks it is mid-20th century. I’m inclined to think it is older more mid-19th century. John thinks newer because of the luan type material that is used in its construction, but I read that they began using that type of material in the mid-19th century and possibly even earlier so……..we are compromising and dating it between mid-19th and mid-20th centuries. It has a lot of age patina and John has repaired a couple of the pieces of hardware and one of the bails on a handle is totally different than the rest but that is what I love about this piece. All its details, idiosyncrasies, and age-related distinctions combine to make this cabinet so very unique and one-of-a-kind with loads of character.


Mid Century Modern Pair Upholstered Club Chairs Frames OnlyNext is a lovely petite pair of Mid-Century Modern all upholstered chairs with great bones. With the accent on great bones because not only is the fabric shot but the seat cushions are missing. However, it is so hard to come by these more petit club chairs and with all the style and sass these have. They remind me of chairs done by Harvey Probber or Edward Wormley for Dunbar or even Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin. Anyway, they have lots of nice details and they came from an upscale out-of-business furniture store from my home town of Topeka, Vargas Fine Furnishings. They were THE place to shop and carried only the best. I can just see these redone. Maybe in a period correct bold and bright patterned fabric. Or in a beautiful neutral men’s suiting fabric. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Maybe I should have them done……..


Mid Century Modern Walnut and Black Marble Square End or Side TableLast, but most definitely not least, is this Mid-Century walnut and black marble side table. John and I found it at local flea market too. It is so sophisticated and timeless and, just like that little black dress and pearls, could go anywhere. It’s simple but of superior quality and able to hold its own next to any chair or sofa. And, although its mid-century, I think it’s very timeless.




So, one more week in the books. And though it started out not being a fun week to write about, it actually ended up making me proud that we have such a diverse array of beautiful items to offer. Until next week……..enjoy your life and your home!!! Chris


Hello Gang! This week, although I will go over briefly our current weeks offerings later, I want to commiserate right now on tag-less treasures. Please please please for the love of……..whatever means a lot to you, do not remove tags from those great pieces of furniture or everyday items you use that may become the future have to have them collectables! This comes this week from having four out of our five latest items being pieces without their original tags or markings. It makes my life so hard; but, if I’m being honest, kind of fun and interesting, because I must do a lot of internet deep diving to discover who they are or what they are. But then I start to think, which is not necessarily time efficient, about why we are so obsessed with our things having a pedigree? If something is beautifully designed, made with great care and construction, and we love it……why is it worth more though when we know who the original designer was? What does that say about ourselves? I suppose a lot has to do with the resale value of the items; however, that is ever changing. I remember the things my mother collected, and thought were so wonderful and in some cases paid some rather, what we thought were at the time, soaring prices, that are now virtually worthless due to those treasures going out of decorating style. I guess we somehow feel our self-worth is elevated by “celebrities”. Then, of course, there is intrinsic value. If things are made of gold, silver, diamonds, or other deemed valuable materials. Wait! I have digressed. Bottom line, if there isn’t a tag or mark, then I must search for it by what I “think” it could be, or what it looks like, and go from there. And that’s where I was this week. We have a small bird sculpture that is unsigned and the paper label it may have had was removed. (have I said don’t remove the label?!) It resembles, very strongly, sculptures done by the nom de plume, Curtis Jere, so I started there. Then we have a gorgeous very long and curving sofa. It has been beautifully recovered….but the tag was removed! Please, don’t remove the tags!!! It looked to me to be like sofas by Harvey Probber, so I started there. Next, a handsome console cabinet with matching mirror. This pair belonged to John’s mother for many years and has been in our storage. I remember she adored it. I thought it looked like Lane but, again, no markings. Which is unusual for Lane; but, none the less, there weren’t any marking to indicate maker. So…… I started with Lane. The fourth treasure is a floor lamp and it was a real puzzlement. No markings and absolutely no hint where to start. We think it could be a vintage home project. And finally, a pair of bergere chairs and an ottoman. They have tags. But, no pedigree. Just recent, excellent quality, nicely made and designed furniture. I will NOT be removing the tags, and don’t you dare!!


Mid Century Modern Brass and Marble Birds in Flight Sculpture Attributed to C. JereBIRD SCULPTURE: Awesome flock of seagulls! This birds in flight brass and black marble sculpture is in the style of and attributed to Curtis Jere or C. Jere. It is more petit than most of the mid-century modern bird sculptures by this company and will look wonderful in your bookcase. Click here or on photo to view full listing on our website.





Extra Long Curved Single Arm Sofa Style of Harvey ProbberLONG CURVACIOUS SOFA: What a long luxurious sofa to nap on!! Or entertain a roomful of guests. This long low curvaceous sofa is done in the style of famed designer Harvey Probber. It has been beautifully recovered in a caramel colored textured velvet. The fabric texture has a wave effect which somewhat mimics the curve and softness of the sofa which is comprised of four rectangular seat cushions and five back pillows. It has a single rolled arm on its left end with the right end having no arm and the seat portion extending beyond the back and curving slightly forward. Simply stunning! Click here or on photo to view full listing on our website

MCM Entry Console Cabinet and Mirror Basket Weave Style of Lane Perception by Warren C. ChurchMCM ENTRY CONSOLE AND MIRROR:  Perfect for your entry! With its angled back sides this cabinet and mirror are made with a narrow hall or entry in mind. The cabinet is comprised of walnut grooved sides, a pair of doors on the front with arched frames, basket weave panels, and sleek wood pulls. The angled sides give the top a trapezoidal shape. The tall slender mirror is framed with the same beautiful walnut and adorned with the basket weave detail both top and bottom. Although unmarked these pieces are done in the style of the Perception line from Lane Furniture which was designed by Warren C. Church circa 1960s. Click here or on photo to view full listing on our website


Modern Black and White Fiberglass Cylinder Floor Lamp with Elliptical OpeningBLACK AND WHITE FLOOR LAMP: This lamp is simply stunning!!! We have not found another like it. We don’t have a solid answer to who made it or when. But……….when something is this incredible…..who cares! Comprised of a fiberglass cylinder which has a particleboard bottom with wiring and socket attached. The fiberglass tube has a deep diagonal cut providing an elliptical shaped opening for the light to come shining through. The effect is nothing short of spectacular. Like the moon glowing right there in your room. Click here or on photo to view full listing on our website


Overscale Pair Fauteuil Chairs with Ottoman Coral Cream and GrayLAINE BERGERE CHAIRS AND OTTOMAN: This is an awesome and incredibly comfortable pair of fauteuil chairs and an ottoman by C. R. Laine furniture company of Hickory, North Carolina.  They are comprised of a dark walnut tone frame and upholstered in a coral or faded red based fabric with a floral bouquet design including pheasant and urns in colors of cream and gray with added touches of light yellow and a faint hint of pale turquoise. They have a unique look by substituting a large euro square feather-down back pillow in front of their tight back instead of a form fitted cushion. The chairs have loose seat cushions of polly wrapped foam while the ottoman has a semi-loose cushion which appears to be loose but is attached. The fabric has a purposeful faded look that is very warm and cozy feeling. Their large over scaled size makes them perfect for curling up next to the fire with a good book! Click here or on photo to view full listing on our website


Well friends and followers another week has flown by. Come back next week. Hopefully, I will stay on schedule. In the meantime, enjoy your life and your home! AND DON’T REMOVE THE TAGS!!!  Chris


Hello lovely followers and lovers of vintage things. This week, although we have several new offerings on our website for sale and I will touch on them briefly, I’m going to zero in on the gorgeous abstract expressionist silkscreen serigraph by Dean J. Meeker titled Joseph’s Coat.  My husband, John, and I spied him at an estate sale recently and totally fell in love. So here goes….. (Remember if you want to see the item on our website, click on the photo!)


Josephs Coat Abstract Expressionist Silkscreen Serigraph by Dean J. MeekerDean J. Meeker was born in 1920 in Colorado and went on to become an internationally recognized printmaker and sculptor, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I didn’t find much about Dean, which is unfortunate, but will relate what I did find. He used the G.I. Bill to attend Northwestern University part-time while he also attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago earning degrees of Bachelors and Masters of Fine Art. He began a teaching career in 1946 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and remained an unprecedented 46 years being the only Art Department faculty member ever to have earned a Masters of Fine Art, plus gaining the recognition of serving under every Dean in the history of the School of Education. He is noted as teaching the first ever university-affiliated course in serigraphy which was instrumental in breaking the “fine art” barrier for serigraphy as an art form. He drew upon his exposure to silk-screen techniques while working as a painter of billboards during his late teens and again afterward in Chicago when working at a Midwest signage shop while attending the Art Institute. In 1948, Dean offered an unofficial and unaccredited course to his students and his exuberance and creativity transformed this once commercial process into an evolving artform offering complex expression. The class became so popular it led to the creation, in 1950, of the first ever university-affiliated course in serigraphy. He continued to expand on the printing process and in 1959, while developing an innovative combination of serigraphy and intaglio printing, he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. The first in the UW Art Department. He used this fellowship to build on his expertise of the intaglio process and became one of the first printmakers to overprint silk-screens with polymer intaglio. This led him to a collaboration with engineer John McFee to invent the Meeker-McFee motorized etching press. The combination of these techniques allowed him to build such seemingly three-dimensional images that one critic is quoted as saying Meeker’s images “almost dance and sing”. With this process it brought Dean back full circle to what was his first love….sculpture. But that is another story for another time. Meeker loved to teach and what impresses me in all of this is not that Dean J. Meeker, who isn’t overly famous but made beautiful art and this piece Joseph’s Coat is one of those; but, what he offered as a teacher to future generations. And I am left wondering without Dean J. Meeker, would there have been an Andy Warhol? (Click on photo to see listing.)


Mid Century Modern Oval Sunburst and Bird Wall Sculpture Attributed to C. JereAmong our other offering this week is not a flock of seagulls! But a great flock of geese flying in front of an abstract sunburst! This is an awesome mid-century modern wall sculpture comprised of steel, the sunburst; copper and brass, the birds. It is unsigned but done in the style of and attributed to Curtis Jere. Curtis Jere or C. Jere, is not a single artist but is a nom-de-plume for a group of artists working for Artisan House which included Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels. Before founding Artisan House these two had built a costume jewelry business which sold under the names of Renoir and Matisse, two well-known names of mid-20th century costume jewelry. Artisan House was sold and resold and remains in business today. The C. Jere sculptures and metal work were distributed by Raymor, a well-known name in Mid Century collectibles, and sold at Gump’s in San Francisco and other upscale retail establishments. Jerry Fels died 11/5/07 and Curtis Freiler, his brother-in-law passed 7/22/13 at a ripe old age of 103; but, their legacy lives on in these fabulous sculptures. (Click on photo to see listing.)


MCM Pair Walnut Dining Side Chairs by Holman Manufacturing Co.Next in line a handsome pair of MCM dining chairs by Holman Manufacturing Co. Sometimes you just need a simple little pair of chairs. Nothing fancy. Just good looking, sturdy and serviceable chairs. Attractive and easy to move. And thus, is the type of furniture made by this little-known company. Holman Manufacturing Co. was a family owned business in Pittsburgh, Texas from the early 1900s to sometime in the 1990s. It is reported the company was founded by Danish immigrants and passed down through the generations and I have observed that during the mid-century modern era their designs have a definite Danish Modern flair. (Click on photo to see listing.)



Lane Walnut End or Side Tables with Inlaid Tops Mid Century Modern Pair #1925We also have this beautiful pair of inlaid walnut side tables by Lane Alta Vista, one of the best-known names in mid-century modern furniture. Interestingly, in my over 30 years of collecting and selling vintage and mid-century modern furniture the Lane name has gone from “oh, those are just Lane” to “Oh! Those are Lane!!” They have produced many beautiful and innovative designs and this pair of little tables is no exception. Someday I will expand more on this company. (Click on photo to see listing.)




Pair Milo Baughman Style Cantilever Brass Plated Bar Stools MCM

And finally,…… Belly up to the bar boys! Or, have a seat in these awesome bar stools. This pair is done in the style of famed designer Milo Baughman and made by Cal-Style Furniture Mfg. Co. of Compton, California with a stamped date on the bottom of 1987. They are comprised of a brass plated rectangular steel tube cantilevered frame with rainbow curved arms and horseshoe shaped base. These interesting barstools are bar height with a foot rest and that fact, along with their cantilever design, combine to make one really comfy place to sit. I am pretty partial to all things Milo, maybe because he was born in my home state of Kansas, and these are no exception. Someday soon I may write a whole blog about Mr. Baughman. (Click on photo to see listing.)


Well…..that’s all folks! Until next time, enjoy your life and your home! Chris


Wow! This week our new offerings are nothing short of spectacular, if I do say so myself. There is not a pig in a poke in the bunch. Well maybe a pig; but, not in a poke! We have a Saarinen style Tulip Table, most likely by Burke; an Adrian Pearsall low table; a Karpen of California Horn Chair; a current production (but this one is pre-owned) Thayer Coggin swivel chair done in the style of Milo Baughman, at least I can’t find anywhere that it was actually designed by him, but it is in their Milo Baughman collection; and a charming terracotta almost life-size pig planter.


Saarinen Style Tulip Base Table in Aluminum with Woodgrain Laminate TopFirst, we will focus on the tulip style table. It was originally designed by Eero Saarinen while he was working for Knoll Associates and made its debut in 1958. Saarinen’s goal when designing his infamous “Pedestal Collection” was to “clear up the slum of legs in the U.S. home” which meant lessening the confusion of legs beneath the typical dining table and chairs. His inspiration for the base itself was a drop of high viscosity liquid or like paint being poured from a can. You can see just that by the slender tapering of the pedestal base that “pools” like liquid at the foot. It became an immediate classic. This table is a vintage knock-off of that design most likely produced by Burke, Inc., and has become collectable in its own right. If only for the awesome fact that the swivel base on the chair produced by Burke was used on the set of none other than Star Trek! There are subtle differences in the original Knoll production and the Burke knock-off. The Knoll table is much more slender and sleek, and you will find no visual point of attachment of the table top to the base. The Burke version, as with most other knock-offs of this series, has a much chunkier base and the screws can be seen on the underside which attach the base to the table top. This splendid example with its polished aluminum base and faux wood laminate top we believe to be Burke so………….beam us up Scottie! Click here to see listing.



Adrian Pearsall Walnut and Glass Sculptural Cocktail Table for Craft AssociatesNext let’s talk about Adrian Pearsall and his low coffee table. This stunning table is the epitome of Adrian Pearsall mid-century modern design! Its sculptural walnut base, so reminiscent of Noguchi’s famous coffee table, has become famous itself. Comprised of four abstract but symmetrical legs which connect to form a square base that holds a magnificent piece of ¾ inch thick glass. This table was designed circa 1960s by Pearsall’s own company, Craft Associates. Adrian Pearsall graduated in 1950 from the University of Illinois with an Architectural Engineering degree and in 1952 founded Craft Associates to manufacture his own designs, which trumpeted in the Atomic Age and have now become mid-century modern design icons. Pearsall sold Craft Associates to Lane in 1968 and went on to launch Comfort Designs in the 1970s. By the late 1970s Lane had closed Craft Associates for good; but, thanks to Adrian’s children, Restoration Hardware now holds the license to his name and designs. They have some of his pieces in current production; however, collecting of his vintage pieces is rampant. If you think you have one, it is easy to authenticate. You may contact his family at Send them photos and pay $50 and they will give you a certificate of authentication. Thankfully though, for most of his unique designs, this is not necessary as they are unmistakably from the mind of Adrian Pearsall. Click here for listing.

MCM Karpen of California Horn ChairThird in a line of incredible mid-century modern icons we are offering, but definitely not third in desirability or design distinction, is this fabulous “Horn Chair” by Karpen of California.  And, wow! Just wow! Talk about the epitome of Atomic….Biomorphic…..Mid-Century Modern design, and this is the image that should come to mind. Produced by Karpen of California furniture manufacturers and touted as the Karpen Chair-of-Tomorrow from the Chair-Foam Collection. One of the vintage print ads for this chair states “These new chairs aren’t actually built…they’re poured”. Another says “The Karpen Chair-of-Tomorrow is made in a revolutionary new way!” And yet another states “You’re suspended in, supported by, surrounded by Pure Foam….never before, such comfort!” These revolutionary chairs were made by pouring and molding pure foam around an all steel frame. A period newspaper article titled Test Tube Chair, states that the new manufacturing technique was developed for Karpen, a division of Schnadig Corp, by The General Tire and Rubber Company, a pioneer in polyurethane cushioning field. However, how the chair is made and feels, is NOT what has made it the Mid-Century Modern icon that it is, but how that process has allowed the fantastic biomorphic shape with its soft edges, curves, and rounded corners, that seem to float on the splayed conical legs comprised of gorgeous walnut and adorned with silver-tone sabots. All the details combine to make this modern design spectacular. Our offering here needs some new upholstery or, if you are like me and don’t mind a little “patina”, you can leave it as is. Click here for listing.


Thayer Coggin 1086 Zac Swivel Lounge Chair White and Satin NickelFourth is a chair by Thayer Coggin that is in current production (this one is pre-owned). Handsome and done in the style of Milo Baughman, this chair is not only a delight for the eyes it is oh so comfortable and it swivels!! Comprised of a satin nickel base and arms with tight seat and back upholstered in a wool-like off-white fabric. The arms are one piece flat-bar style metal that curve down to the swivel base, around the back and are topped with upholstered arm caps. This chair evokes Baughman’s relaxed and timeless design and possesses Thayer Coggin’s name and reputation for exceptional quality construction. I could go on and on about Baughman and Thayer Coggin but I’ll same them for another time. Click here for listing.


Terracotta Pig Planter Pot Near Life-SizeAnd last is our pig, not in a poke! What a handsome guy we have here! Comprised of terracotta with an open back to act as a planter and near life-size. He has awesome character and patina. My sister brought him back from Mexico on one of her excursions there with her late husband and the sweetest most loving brother she could have given her little sister (but that’s another story for another time!) and be believe made sometime in the 20th century. She likes to hit all the “junk shops” just like me! Although designed to hold flowers or plants, I’ve displayed him in our showroom as a centerpiece on a dining table filled with fruit and/or veggies or decorative objects. He makes quite a statement that way. Click here for listing.


OK, I’m done for this week. Come back. And in the meantime…….enjoy your life and your home!! Chris






Ok. I am going to try this blogging thing again. Maybe this time I can keep on a schedule. But don’t count on it. My life has a way of spinning out of control. My plan is to write about the awesome treasures we list for sale each week either on our own website or other online platforms where we sell i.e. 1stdibs, Chairish, eBay Collective, and Invaluable. Let’s see how it goes!

This week going live are five really varied items:  a trio of antique concrete garden urns, an interesting curule or Savonarola chair, an outstanding Henredon faux bamboo canopy bed, two gold brocade Art Deco chairs, and a fun and handsome pair of ibex or ram’s heads created as a table base (but I love them as a centerpiece!)

Antique Concrete Garden Urns, Set of ThreeLet’s start with the garden urns. Comprised of concrete and having an old and patinated salmon colored original paint finish, they originally came from a home in a prestigious housing development in Topeka, Kansas called Westboro. The house was built during the height of Westboro’s establishment circa 1920s-1930s and these urns sat upon three brick pillars that formed a small courtyard. They have great proportion and symmetry and are adorned with a wonderful leaf pattern and, although their intended purpose is for outside use and as a planter, I adore them as a centerpiece on a long dining table or credenza. I’ve used them in my showroom to hold everything from fruit to Christmas orbs and pinecones to poinsettias. You can find them here.

Next is the perfect Santa chair and just right for posting this week before Christmas, the wrought iron and cast Wrought Iron and Brass Curule Savonarola Chair Mid 20th Centurybrass Curule or Savonarola chair. This throne-like chair with its dramatic classic look is a great character piece for any space. It will fit in with an elegant and ornate room or be awesome standing in contrast to less “fancy” furnishings. This one is a fantastic 20th century example of the Savonarola chair, which can also be called Curule chair, X-frame chair, Dante chair, Dantesca chair, or scissors chair. The title Savonarola comes from the name of Italian Renaissance Dominican friar, Girolamo Savonarola, who is renowned for his clash with tyrannical rulers and corrupt clergy. The original Savonarola chair was a type of folding chair with an X frame. It was designed to fold so it was portable and used during campaigns or other outdoor pursuits. You can find this Hollywood Regency styled one here on our website.

Canopy Asian Influenced Campaign Style Faux Bamboo Queen Bed Henredon Manner of James MontAs I work my way though the five items we listed this week the middle one is a stunning canopy faux bamboo queen-sized bed attributed to Henredon and in the style of infamous designer James Mont. The bed is done in an Asian campaign design which was a mainstay of James Mont’s work. James Mont was dubbed the bad boy of American design due to his association as designer to the Mafiosi including Frank Costello and “Lucky” Luciano who became not only clients but friends. He also ingratiated himself into the lives of show business figures the likes of Bob Hope, Irving Berlin, and Lana Turner. Mont’s shady associations were second, however, to the damage his horrible temper created. In 1937 twenty-nine days after marrying actress, Helen Kim, she was found dead in their apartment and though her death was ruled suicide, many suspected it was Mont’s temper that played a role in her death. Then in 1940 he was convicted of assault after attacking lampshade designer, Dorothy Burns, putting her in the hospital for two weeks, and spent 5-10 years in Sing-Sing. Sadly, Ms. Burns was so humiliated and bothered by the attack that she hung herself before the trial ended. Even with all the bad juju surrounding James Mont his designs were amazing and highly regarded, even today! You can find this incredible canopy bed here.

Art Deco or Art Moderne Pair of Arm Chairs in Original Gold BrocadeNext to last on this week’s list of awesome vintage furnishing are a pair of Art Deco or Art Moderne armchairs in their original gold floral brocade. They are simply beautiful and the epitome of the sleek and elegant designs of the Art Deco and Art Moderne era. Their almost heart shaped backs flow into gently rounded and angled back arms that seem to reach out to hold you. You can view and purchase this pair, as with all our items, here on our website.



Sculptural Brass Rams’ or Ibex Head Coffee Table Base Manner of Alain Chervet

Last on this week’s list of great and unique offerings is a pair of brass ibex or ram’s heads done in the manner of Alain Chervet. Their stunning and over-the-top glamour is awesome with their long and curled horns. The pair are intended to be a table base; but, as is common for me, I have brought them into use as a phenomenal centerpiece. They especially beautiful and interesting when surrounded by a series of extraordinary candlesticks or intertwined with garland. You can make this unique pair yours here.



So, this concludes my ramblings on the offerings we have searched out, found, cleaned-up, restored, photographed, researched, written about, and submitted to you for sale to make a one-of-a-kind treasure in your home, your abode, or your castle. Come back next week, hopefully I stay on schedule with a new blog post about the next series of items we find for you.

Enjoy your life and your home! Chris