Hello Gang! This week, although I will go over briefly our current weeks offerings later, I want to commiserate right now on tag-less treasures. Please please please for the love of……..whatever means a lot to you, do not remove tags from those great pieces of furniture or everyday items you use that may become the future have to have them collectables! This comes this week from having four out of our five latest items being pieces without their original tags or markings. It makes my life so hard; but, if I’m being honest, kind of fun and interesting, because I must do a lot of internet deep diving to discover who they are or what they are. But then I start to think, which is not necessarily time efficient, about why we are so obsessed with our things having a pedigree? If something is beautifully designed, made with great care and construction, and we love it……why is it worth more though when we know who the original designer was? What does that say about ourselves? I suppose a lot has to do with the resale value of the items; however, that is ever changing. I remember the things my mother collected, and thought were so wonderful and in some cases paid some rather, what we thought were at the time, soaring prices, that are now virtually worthless due to those treasures going out of decorating style. I guess we somehow feel our self-worth is elevated by “celebrities”. Then, of course, there is intrinsic value. If things are made of gold, silver, diamonds, or other deemed valuable materials. Wait! I have digressed. Bottom line, if there isn’t a tag or mark, then I must search for it by what I “think” it could be, or what it looks like, and go from there. And that’s where I was this week. We have a small bird sculpture that is unsigned and the paper label it may have had was removed. (have I said don’t remove the label?!) It resembles, very strongly, sculptures done by the nom de plume, Curtis Jere, so I started there. Then we have a gorgeous very long and curving sofa. It has been beautifully recovered….but the tag was removed! Please, don’t remove the tags!!! It looked to me to be like sofas by Harvey Probber, so I started there. Next, a handsome console cabinet with matching mirror. This pair belonged to John’s mother for many years and has been in our storage. I remember she adored it. I thought it looked like Lane but, again, no markings. Which is unusual for Lane; but, none the less, there weren’t any marking to indicate maker. So…… I started with Lane. The fourth treasure is a floor lamp and it was a real puzzlement. No markings and absolutely no hint where to start. We think it could be a vintage home project. And finally, a pair of bergere chairs and an ottoman. They have tags. But, no pedigree. Just recent, excellent quality, nicely made and designed furniture. I will NOT be removing the tags, and don’t you dare!!


Mid Century Modern Brass and Marble Birds in Flight Sculpture Attributed to C. JereBIRD SCULPTURE: Awesome flock of seagulls! This birds in flight brass and black marble sculpture is in the style of and attributed to Curtis Jere or C. Jere. It is more petit than most of the mid-century modern bird sculptures by this company and will look wonderful in your bookcase. Click here or on photo to view full listing on our website.





Extra Long Curved Single Arm Sofa Style of Harvey ProbberLONG CURVACIOUS SOFA: What a long luxurious sofa to nap on!! Or entertain a roomful of guests. This long low curvaceous sofa is done in the style of famed designer Harvey Probber. It has been beautifully recovered in a caramel colored textured velvet. The fabric texture has a wave effect which somewhat mimics the curve and softness of the sofa which is comprised of four rectangular seat cushions and five back pillows. It has a single rolled arm on its left end with the right end having no arm and the seat portion extending beyond the back and curving slightly forward. Simply stunning! Click here or on photo to view full listing on our website

MCM Entry Console Cabinet and Mirror Basket Weave Style of Lane Perception by Warren C. ChurchMCM ENTRY CONSOLE AND MIRROR:  Perfect for your entry! With its angled back sides this cabinet and mirror are made with a narrow hall or entry in mind. The cabinet is comprised of walnut grooved sides, a pair of doors on the front with arched frames, basket weave panels, and sleek wood pulls. The angled sides give the top a trapezoidal shape. The tall slender mirror is framed with the same beautiful walnut and adorned with the basket weave detail both top and bottom. Although unmarked these pieces are done in the style of the Perception line from Lane Furniture which was designed by Warren C. Church circa 1960s. Click here or on photo to view full listing on our website


Modern Black and White Fiberglass Cylinder Floor Lamp with Elliptical OpeningBLACK AND WHITE FLOOR LAMP: This lamp is simply stunning!!! We have not found another like it. We don’t have a solid answer to who made it or when. But……….when something is this incredible…..who cares! Comprised of a fiberglass cylinder which has a particleboard bottom with wiring and socket attached. The fiberglass tube has a deep diagonal cut providing an elliptical shaped opening for the light to come shining through. The effect is nothing short of spectacular. Like the moon glowing right there in your room. Click here or on photo to view full listing on our website


Overscale Pair Fauteuil Chairs with Ottoman Coral Cream and GrayLAINE BERGERE CHAIRS AND OTTOMAN: This is an awesome and incredibly comfortable pair of fauteuil chairs and an ottoman by C. R. Laine furniture company of Hickory, North Carolina.  They are comprised of a dark walnut tone frame and upholstered in a coral or faded red based fabric with a floral bouquet design including pheasant and urns in colors of cream and gray with added touches of light yellow and a faint hint of pale turquoise. They have a unique look by substituting a large euro square feather-down back pillow in front of their tight back instead of a form fitted cushion. The chairs have loose seat cushions of polly wrapped foam while the ottoman has a semi-loose cushion which appears to be loose but is attached. The fabric has a purposeful faded look that is very warm and cozy feeling. Their large over scaled size makes them perfect for curling up next to the fire with a good book! Click here or on photo to view full listing on our website


Well friends and followers another week has flown by. Come back next week. Hopefully, I will stay on schedule. In the meantime, enjoy your life and your home! AND DON’T REMOVE THE TAGS!!!  Chris

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