Hello my friends. This week we stressed Industrial Chic with our new offerings. Although we have always had the odd piece of industrial design décor pieces listed we haven’t ever offered them en masse and this week we are. The Industrial Chic look has been fashionable for some time now and I think it is fair to say it will be around for a while longer and, I believe, is slated to become a design classic. It is a strong enough design ethic to stand on its own; but, blends very well with other design stiles. And isn’t that part of what defines a classic? Its ability to stand the test of time and blend in with its surroundings? I believe it is. The Industrial Chic aesthetic fits right in and tempers a Mid-Century Modern structured design; or adds a spark of whimsy to the staid traditional home; gives country a more modern feel; and basically, softens most design paths. So, whether you live in an industrial loft space; a chic small home; a mid-century modern beauty; a traditional Tudor; a farm house; or an apartment; you can use these great pieces of Industrial Chic we are offering as our new listings this week. Don’t be afraid to find a place in your current surrounding to use a wonderful piece of Industrial Chic. Remember to click on the photo to view the full listing for each item on our website.

Industrial Steel Bookcase Shelving Unit Original Paint with Great PatinaOur first offering is this incredible steel shelving unit, which, holy industrial design Batman, will make the best bookcase or place to display your collections ever! This shelving unit would also be fabulous in a kitchen or a kid’s room. It has its original factory army green paint and is sporting its own individual age and use induced patina. No worries about adding another dent or scratch to this baby. Just think of the possibilities. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.



American Industrial Work Table Maple Top Steel Base VintageSecond is an amazing American industrial factory work table with its original maple top and painted steel base. Need a kitchen island or a bar in your man cave? Look no further. This incredible piece of 20th Century industrial design is just what the designer ordered. It even has its own electrical supply cord and outlets. We have cleaned its original chipped and faded paint job on its base and we have sanded and oiled the wood so that is it nice and smooth with no splintering yet still retains its fabulous age patina. And, we’ve made sure the wiring is workable and safe to use. All you need to do is decide where you are going to use it then make it yours. Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


Industrial Three Tier Stainless Steel Rolling Cart VintageThird and wow! How I love this stainless-steel rolling cart! Let me count the ways! 1 – It would make the most wonderful unusual dry bar or 2 – a fabulous kitchen cart or island. 3 – I can see it as a towel cart in a bathroom or 4 – for use in a laundry room and 5 – even in a nursery and a changing station. 6 – Printer stand, 7 – TV stand, 8 – Utility cart next to your BBQ grill. I could keep going but……. how many ways could you use it? It is comprised of three tiers of beautiful heavy gauge stainless steel that has acquired a wonderful age patina. Those tiers are held in place by a u-shaped stainless-steel tube frame which is held up by two large wheels on the front end and two small wheels on the back with a handle on the top tier for steering. Perfect! Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.


American Industrial Oak and Steel Pallet Coffee Table Three by Five FeetThe last Industrial Chic listing this week are our oak and steel pallets as coffee table. Which happen to be our most widely used and sought-after item we have ever had in our shop, plus both our kids have them in their homes! This pair is a bit larger than our others and we only have the one pair this size; but you can find our smaller ones on our website too. Comprised of angle iron and oak, maybe some ash, planks, just stack one pallet on top of the other and they are the perfect height for a fabulous coffee table. The lower pallet then provides a wonderful useful shelf for magazines, books, or those ever-present clickers aka remote controls! These pallets are so handsome, yet they are very kid, teen, and husband friendly. You can put your feet on them. You can set a soda can or glass on them without worry. And you can even build a great Lego village on them or run your Hot Wheel cars around the edges without worry of harming their look. We’ve done nothing to these but clean them leaving them with their own interesting character; however, we have done some with a clear coat applied to the steel and a couple we have even applied a finish on the wood. Another set we painted the steel black and stained the wood and they are still as durable and usable. The décor styles where we have placed them have been just as varied. These are one of my all-time favorites in our shop! Click here or on the photo to view the complete listing on our website.

There you go. Four more incredible items added to our online inventory and another week of my babbling thoughts. Until next time…….enjoy your life and your home!!! Chris


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