Visions of Right and Voices & Visions or #Howtomakechrisemotional#howtoblowchrisaway

VOICES & VISIONS Art Exhibit and Ad Astra Theatre Ensemble |

No words. No words at all. None. I’ve thought about this since viewing the dress rehearsal last night. All night. And all morning. It’s consumed me. I need to write this blog but the “right” (pardon the pun-or not!) words aren’t there. But here goes….

I’ve NEVER been so moved by theatre. Never. Our own Marcia Cebulska has written a play the likes of I’ve never read or heard. Her words and story are so profound. I’m in awe. Maybe, living in Topeka the subject matter is nearer and dearer to our hearts; but…. that isn’t the only reason it resonated in me. I believe anyone in the world can relate dealing with zealots…. and hate and love and loss and fear and pain and………!

That brings me to Darren Canady, our sweetheart of a director, our own Topeka son. Darren took me away. I had no idea where I was. And the passion he brought out in the actors! Wow! Just wow.

Finally, THE ACTORS!!! Well. I know each one of them personally and I DIDN’T recognize them last night!! They WERE Christina and Oz and Larry and Reverend Jones! I didn’t recognize them as the lovely Jesyca Rodenberg, the adorable Matt Briden, the handsome and awesome Craig Fisher and the big teddy bear and role model for many Scott Kickhaefer. I did not know them.

As you can tell I’m blown away!!! You must come see this show. Here is a link for Ad Astra Theatre tickets or call 785-409-3207. Performances begin tonight (the 17th) at 7:30p, again Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30p (doors open at 7p) and a matinee on Sunday at 2p (with doors open at 1:30p).

In addition to the four performances there are three special events happening. Tonight there is a Meet the Company Cocktail Reception immediately following the performance and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon following the performances are Panel discussions: Responding to Hate. The featured panelists are: Saturday-Dr. Harriet Lerner, Dr. Inge Hansen, and Professor Alan Bearman with moderator Tom Prasch; Sunday-Dr. Reinhild Janzen, Danielle Head, and Darren Canady with moderator Marguerite Perret. Please come meet the company and give them praise and join in the  discussions.

This is Ad Astra Theatre Ensemble’s 6th season. I’m proud to say they had their first performance here at Warehouse 414 in 2010. A friend sent Craig Fisher and some of his cohorts to see me saying maybe I would have a place they could have a play. Boy did I. They had their first here and at least one each season since. I love this ensemble of passionate players and presenters of plays! When I was young I would read about the artists who hung out together in Paris in the 1920’s and later in the 1950’s in New York and be so envious of those groups and associations. I would dream that someday I could be surrounded with that inspiration and talent. Well my dream did come true. I love it when they are here rehearsing and hanging out. My place crackles with excitement and creativity then and I’m in heaven.

The list of great performances they have given are wonderful. They are always striving to be on top of the theatre world and present thought-provoking and timely pieces or classic, fun and funny. If you are interested in donating your time or financially to Ad Astra please go to their website where you can learn more about those opportunities: .

Again, don’t miss this fabulous premier presentation of “Visions of Right”!!!