9th Annual Works of Heart Exhibit

Join us and 350 community leaders and art enthusiasts on August 21, 6-9:30 @ Maner Conference Center for Topeka's biggest and most unique art event. Proceeds directly benefit the children, adolescents and families FSGC serves.

Auction Photos by Nathan Ham Photography ©2012

I’ve been thinking about our exhibit we have here at Warehouse 414 for the month of August and what it means to our whole community.  For the last seven years we have been hosts to Family Service and Guidance Center’s Works of Heart Exhibit.  What is it you say?  Well let me tell you.

It is an exhibit of children’s art which tells the story of how important FSGC and art is to their lives.

It is an exhibit of professional artists donated work who know how important FSGC is in our community.

It is an exhibit of art that has been planned for and solicited by a committee of hard working and community minded individuals who have worked almost a year in preparation for the event.

It is an exhibit which Warehouse 414 is proud to display until it leaves to be set up at the Maner Conference Center, 17th & Western where the Works of Heart auction event fundraiser will take place on August 21st from 6-9:30pm.

It is an exhibit which when auctioned the proceeds go to benefit and enrich the lives of the children of our community by providing, for over 115 years since 1904, behavioral and mental health care, education and outreach programs to over 11,000 children and families each year in our community.

Each year I meet the kids and hear their stories and am so proud I live in a community which understands.  And whose community members support and help to provide for these kids.  It makes me proud to be able to give back in some small way to my community.

Come.  See the exhibit. Meet the kids and hear their stories. Be part of the enrichment of their lives.

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