Join us for the opening of “Poetry to ART” featuring artist Angela Lexow.
The exhibit focus is art inspired by famous poetry. Colorful abstract
paintings will be on exhibit along with the poem that inspired the art.
Additional paintings, fine art gourds and jewelry on display.


PoetrytoART_003I grew up in Topeka, Kansas where I was constantly drawing, painting or doing some other form of arts and crafts.  I graduated from Baker University with a degree in Art History, although I probably spent more time in the studio painting than anything else.  After graduation, I married and moved to Kansas City. While there, I worked in an upscale gallery, which was great experience, but also taught me that I preferred the creative side of art rather than the business side. After leaving Kansas City, we moved to various cities in Kansas before returning to Topeka.
I’ve dabbled in many mediums, but most of my art is either acrylic paintings or fine art gourds. I painted for over 10 years and began to develop an “artist’s block”, so I began working with gourds instead.  I found I love working in three dimensions and the variety of gourd shapes is a source endless inspiration for me. The individual quality of each gourd’s shape and blemishes of the surface serve as a starting point for each design.  By using the innate qualities, I am able to enhance their natural beauty.
I have been told that my gourd pieces resemble pottery or artifacts, and while I am influenced by history and various cultures, my gourds are first inspired by some unique aspect of the gourd itself.  My paintings are usually abstract, influenced by my favorite movements and artists from history.
My art has been shown all over the country and locally at Studio 831 in the Topeka NOTO Arts District.  I do what I do because I love nothing more than to create art. Art has always provided me an escape – a space where I can recharge. Although it requires concentration, it is relaxes me in a way that nothing else can.

Follow the link below to our online exhibit album showcasing Angela’s Poetry to Art exhibit along with additional art displayed at the shop during April-May 2015.


414 se second st, topeka, ks 

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