The Mink is Mine!



When I was a kid the epitome of glamour and being dressed up was a mink stole. So, whenever my cousins or friends and I would play “dChris & Phil - Cigarette and all!ress-up” I always wanted to wear…. the mink stole. In fact, I remember I had a “fake” child-size one along with some plastic “high heels”.

This week I photographed and listed a 1950’s-60’s vintage mink stole on our website and 1stdibs. I learned a LOT researching to write the most accurate description I could. Here is what I learned.

Man has used animal fur to keep themselves warm for approximately 200,000 years. With the advent of animal rites fur wearing and hence fur clothing production slowed to a crawl in the late 20th century and we began wearing faux or synthetic fur. But, with our growing understanding of the fragility of our environment and making synthetic fur from fossil fuels we are again beginning to use naturally culled animal furs or farmed animal furs once again, understanding that they are renewable and biodegradable. Whether I agree with the use of new fur or not I’m not sure; but, I do feel we should honor the animal whose fur was used years ago by using the product made with it and not throwing it away. Therefore, I am reselling vintage furs.

Mink is almost entirely farmed ergo the name Ranch Mink. The underfur will be or should be dense, compact, and a little lighter in color and the guard hairs, or the upper fur will be or should be silky and of the same length. The color should be uniform and have a very lustrous sheen. The females are softer but smaller. A garment made with full skins is of higher quality than one made of pieces. In a high quality garment, you should not be able to see the separate pelts.

Now that you have had our course “mink 101” take a look at the vintage great mink stole we have listed on our website and watch for the coats we will be listing in the next several weeks.

1950's-60's Mink Stole by Berksons the House of Courtesy, Topeka, Ks

1950’s-60’s Mink Stole by Berksons the House of Courtesy, Topeka, Ks

As I said before, a mink garment was the epitome of glamour in the 1950’s-60’s and something most wives/women yearned for their husband/boyfriends to give them. It spoke of pure luxury and therefore was regarded highly meaning they, also, were held in high regard. I remember my mom had one…….I wonder where it is?????


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