The Hurrider I Go the Behinder I Get and How it Pertains to Saguaro Cactus

Knoll Saguaro Cactus Wood Base Table with Slate Top by Lawrence Laske

Knoll Saguaro Cactus Wood Base Table with Slate Top by Lawrence Laske

Some days the hurrider I go the behinder I get!!!!

We have this table I want to list for sale on our website and, of course, on 1stdibs and subsequently, if it doesn’t sell right away, other sites (Chairish, eBay, Etsy) where we sell our vintage furniture and accessories. So, I’m just going to go through the process with you.

First, we need to make sure it is in the best condition possible for a vintage piece. That is John’s department. At my request he found the table in our showroom and began cleaning and looking it over. It had a teeny tiny little nick in the edge of the black slate top and some fingerprints etc. so he dutifully cleaned them gave a little sand to the natural stone top and filled the nick with some of the slate dust and epoxy. IT LOOKED BEAUTIFUL!!!!

We were really excited to photograph it because we had finally obtained some photography lights (rather than using some old work lights) and the first thing we wanted to photograph was this wonderful table. By the way, I know this table by sight it is an iconic 1993 Cactus Table designed by Lawrence Laske and produced by Knoll and ever so handsome and collectible. We photograph it. IT LOOKS AWFUL!!!!

I show John the photos and say “OMG! The new lights show up every sand mark in the slate top and the nick now stands out like a beacon in the night”! Back to the work table it goes. Then he really gives it a John restoration, 000 steel wool, exceptional attention to detail on the nick no it’s totally invisible, and nice coat of stone sealer to keep it looking that way. IT LOOKS STUNNING!!!

I finally get a time scheduled with my photographer friend who helps get me the awesome photos, at least most of them, you see on our website and this table is top on my list to photograph. She takes the photos of it from every angle making sure we photograph every square inch so online buyers can be sure of what they are getting. She photographs the label too because, of course, that is the documentation we need to show it is truly, as if this could ever be copied, a Knoll Cactus Table by Lawrence Laske. THE PHOTOS ARE BEAUTIFUL! THE TABLE LOOKS AWESOME!!

The photos get edited and resized and ready to put online. Tammy sends me a Facebook message they are in the file and ready to go and now it is my turn. I need to write the description, get the facts about it correct, make it sound wonderful, and be sure I have all the key words in the description so google can pull it up when someone is looking for one. Plus, make sure I have the measurements and weight so we can determine shipping costs. Piece of cake. I already know all about this table.

Then……….I get a message from my photographer………….I googled the tag on the bottom of the table she says……the tag says it’s a Toothpick Cactus Table not a Saguaro Cactus Table she says…….it looks like a Saguaro Cactus Table she says.  Oh! It’s a Saguaro Cactus Table, I say. But I look at the photo of the tag and………..sure enough the tag reads:  Lawrence Laske (signature) Toothpick Cactus Table KnollStudio 1993. WHAT!!!!????

So now we have come up with all these theories of how this table has the wrong tag.

  1. Bad day on the assembly line and someone put the wrong tag on the table.
  2. Someone purchased both a Toothpick Cactus Table and a Saguaro Cactus Table, liked the top from one better on the other and changed them. (the tag FYI is on the underside of the table top.)
  3. Someone purchased a Saguaro Cactus Table with a slate top, broke the slate top, requested a new top and received one from a Toothpick Cactus Table.
  4. Purchased the table, table didn’t have a tag, requested a tag, received the wrong one.

So now. Here I am ready to write but not sure how to explain. I search the web over. I read every article I can find about the Cactus Tables and Lawrence Laske (what an interesting and great designer he is by the way – I may have to write about him soon.) Making sure I know what I thought I knew. I place a call to KnollStudios…..left a message. And that’s where I am right now.

Knoll Cactus Collection of Tables 1993

Knoll Cactus Collection of Tables 1993

These are my dilemmas.

  1. Do I go ahead and write the description and tell all now?
  2. Do I wait to hear from Knoll? Will it make any difference?
  3. Does this make the table MORE valuable?
  4. Does this make the table LESS valuable?
  5. Does it really matter?

***Big Sigh***I think I’ll go ahead and list it. I hope it doesn’t make a difference. #Saguaro-not Saguaro #thehurriderigothebehinderiget

UPDATE: Heard back from Knoll………hmmmm? Somebody must have used the wrong tag. (face palm!!!!)

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