North, South, East and West the Past to the Future!

What do Laingsburn, Michigan; New Orleans, Louisiana; New York, New York; and Los Angeles, California have in common?

They are the locations of our latest shipments of the past to the future from here at Warehouse 414. Either shipping out pieces of history that sell from our website or receiving pieces of history here, I love dealing in beautifully made and historic furnishings. I get to sell our pieces and learn about their new homes which is important to me as I’ve usually hand selected each piece for our shop and am in love with it in some way. So, to get to talk with the new owners is a special treat for me.

This wonderful vintage Mid Century Modern Yugoslavian day bed / sofa came directly out of the basement rec room where they were placed when purchased new. Great Danish modern style and the original coordinating fabrics are in excellent condition for their age.  $995  |

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Going South to New Orleans is one of a pair of Yugoslavian daybed sofas we’ve had here which just sold to a young mother. Her new baby is just weeks old and she has found they didn’t have any comfortable places to sit so as she is nursing and cuddling her new one she is combing the web for stylish yet comfortable seating. I like to imagine the child and family as it grows sitting on the sofa and making memories together just as the previous family did for many years. When I acquired these sofas the previous family recounted the story of the original purchase and I got to hear their memories of when they brought it home and all the holidays it served them and hear the son reminisce of the teenage parties they saw and the many naps he took on them in their basement in the heat of summer! It pleases me to save the past and share it with the future.

He invited several people for dinner so he set ten places at his Bruno Mathsson Style Maria folding table. The doorbell rang and she was standing there looking sultry in a low cut red dress holding a bottle of fine wine. “It’s just you and me tonight baby” she whispered in his ear… In a matter of seconds his table for ten turned into a cozy table for two… This guy knows how to impress a lady! This is a very good vintage copy of the Maria folding table Bruno Mathsson designed in 1936. We were told this particular table was purchased in the 1960’s.  We do not know its maker.  It is in very good vintage condition.  $1200

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Then headed East to New York City is a vintage iconic Maria gateleg table designed in 1936 by Bruno Mathsson. This time to a young woman who just became an architect and is putting her first apartment together! She is investing in wonderfully made iconic furnishings to satisfy her designers eye. Being on the downside of my design career it is rejuvenating to visit with this young woman and feel her excitement of her first piece of “real” furniture and getting started in her design life. She’s going to send me photos when she gets it in place – I’ll share them when she does. And I’m keeping a watchful eye out for just the right chairs to go with. Again, a joy to share the past with the future.

This is such a wonderful walnut antique store display case!   Its curved front, the walnut finish and the chunky square legs are just downright handsome. This cabinet is an interesting piece of Kansas City history.  $2250 |

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Last of the sales and headed West to Los Angeles is an incredible antique oak display case  made by the A. R. Jackson Kansas City Show Case Works most likely in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. I don’t know much about where this piece is going but I like to imagine it will show up in some wonderful film about the era. That someday I’ll be watching a movie and say… “hey! there is that display case we sold and sent to Los Angeles!” You never know!



For the Northern direction of this blog post it is Laingsburn, Michigan. We are receiving here, for one of our design clients, an absolutely gorgeous antique round rift-cut oak dining table and eight chairs which they purchased while travelling in Michigan. It will be just stunning in their new home I just helped them create. I can’t wait to see it in person.

So you see, from here; Warehouse 414 in Topeka, Kansas, central USA, we are shipping and receiving the past to the future in the North, South, East and West!

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