I really miss my mom and dad!!!

I’ve had a few times in my business life I’ve been really proud of myself. Right now is one of those times and I would love so much to be able to call my mom and dad and tell them!!! John and I, that is our business Warehouse 414, has been accepted to be a vendor on 1stdibs, visit my storefront at this link at: WAREHOUSE414 on 1stdibs

1stdibs: purveyors of The MOST beautiful things on earth! My parents would be so proud and all credit goes to them.

From the time I can remember my mom took me junkin’. She would load me up in her car, sometimes along with my sisters or Aunt Betty and her daughter, Trula, and off we would go. Stopping at every “junk store” and garage sale along the way searching for treasures. Many times we would only go as far as the local trash dump! We would stop midday wherever we were; go into a local grocery; and buy plain ole white bread, bologna (sometimes even liverwurst!), BBQ potato chips, bananas, and Oreos!! We then had lunch fit for a King! Most times we came home with great treasures like a nickel plated copper tea kettle that she then had stripped of the nickel and displayed proudly in her kitchen, or an old trunk that looked like it should be thrown away; but, by the time she was through with it, it beautifully stored her beloved family photos. Sometimes we only found a lonely old Mattel doll all battered and dirty that she cleaned up, named Mattie, and gave to my nephew who adored it! But even if we didn’t find a thing we had the time of our lives!

She taught me so many things. She taught me price doesn’t always mean good (or bad) quality. She taught me to look beyond a little dirt and dust. She taught me different is wonderful. She taught me to look at the construction and lines of things. She taught me to love the thrill of the hunt. She taught me to enjoy the adventure!  Thanks, mom. I couldn’t have done it without you.

And………. from the time I can remember my dad expected me to not only do my best but do better than my best! If I got an A on a test, he wanted to know why it wasn’t an A+. If I got the highest grade in the class on a test but missed one, he wanted to know why I missed that one. If I had the highest average of all the girls my age in bowling, he thought it should be a few points higher. His expectations were high but so were his rewards. He traveled most weeks for his job from Monday through Friday (hence why mom and I could go junkin’ so much! Ha!); but, without fail brought a treat home to say job well done. He was always, always there standing behind me.  When I wanted to quit my job and open our first little collectibles shop, Hot Déco.r, he was there to back me financially. He believed in me no matter what.

He taught me so many things. He taught me to strive for perfection. He taught me to try my best and reach for the stars. He taught me dedication. He taught me perseverance. He taught me $37.00 is a lot of money to waste (that’s another story in itself). Thanks, dad. I couldn’t have done it without you.

So, thanks mom and dad. I’m a vendor on 1stdibs. OMG!!! I’M A VENDOR ON 1ST DIBS!!!!!!!!

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