Warehouse 414’s 10th Anniversary!!!

We have been open here at Warehouse 414 for 10 years.  And, I’m thinking the proverbial, “it just can’t be possible”!

Chris & John Profile @ Warehouse 414Go back a little over ten years to 2005. A friend told a friend, who happened to own the building that houses Warehouse 414 here at 414 SE 2nd St., that they should call us, Chris and John Grandmontagne, to give them some ideas on what they could do with their building. Well….. they called us…… and called us…. and called us to meet them there for advice.  After many tries, with both parties being extremely busy people, we connected one day and decided to meet at 414 SE 2nd right then. As we approached the building I thought “ooooo, this is a great building”. Then, as we walked in the open overhead garage door and I saw the inside, I sucked in a breath and exclaimed “I have to have this building”!  And that was that.  John says I didn’t leave us any bargaining power.

By 2005 we had been searching for a building like this one since 1989. We had taken some detours along the way that just hadn’t been quite right. In 1989 we opened our first little collectibles and architectural shop, Hot Deco-r, in the old Highland Crest Bowling Alley on SE 29th St. (it has since been torn down.) In 1993 we closed that shop, as we had purchased the old Seymour building at 120 SE Crane St. thinking we would open a shop in it. Well as fate or time or whatever would have it our interior design business began demanding all of our available time; and the shop… and artist studios… and loft living we had envisioned in the 120 Crane Street building, which, by the way, we had privately named “The River Gallery”, never came to fruition. We had taken a 13-year detour. All the while filling the 40,000 square feet of 120 SE Crane with treasures.

In June of 2006 we opened the doors of Warehouse 414 coming full circle with a high style collectible, vintage furniture and architectural salvage retail shop. A few months later we threw our hat into the ARTSConnect First Friday ARTWalk ring and became an art gallery as well. It’s been 10 years that feel like two or twenty depending on the day! We still love our building and hope to be here another 10 (or 2 or 20 depending on the day!!)!!!  Thanks for supporting us.  We love you all!!

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