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Gorgeous vintage round and layered brooch of dyed silk, enameled metal, and gold-tone chain signed Sascha 87 New York. This brooch is in excellent vintage condition. We believe this brooch is possibly made by Sascha Brastoff. But, we have yet to document it without a doubt. So, although we did find a documented Sascha signature very much like this one, we have priced this piece for its age and intrinsic value. Circa 1987.



  • Depth – .75 Inches
  • Diameter – 3 Inches
  • Weight – 2.1 Ounces


Boxed Size:

  • Height – 4 Inches.
  • Width – 7 Inches
  • Depth – 7 Inches
  • Weight – 1 Pound


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We ask that they buyer cover freight. Please send zip code for a quote to your area. SEND ZIP & GET SHIPPING QUOTE

Simply stunning!! This brooch is such an awesome find. Signed on the reverse Sasha ’87 New York it is our belief it is by Sascha Brastoff. It is comprised of three non-concentric circles. The bottom circle is a three-inch diameter button shape covered in dyed silk in dark teal, turquoise, green, and purple. The next layer is a two and one-half inch diameter hammered and enameled piece of metal in the same colors but much lighter in hue, with pink specs as an additional color, and the lightest of the three layers. The last layer is a two-inch diameter button shape covered in dyed silk in the same colors, but a medium hue with more green than the others and a bit of red or deep pink. It is then banded by a gold-tone chain. It has both a pin clasp and a scarf clip for fastening.


When we discovered this treasure, we had no idea Sascha Brastoff made jewelry and was a costume designer. We, of course, knew of his wonderful bold and quirky ceramics and enameled metal pieces; but when we saw the colors of this brooch and obviously the signature we just knew it had to be. Sascha Brastoff, 1917-1993, was born Samuel Brostofsky. He accomplished many things in his life. He danced several seasons with the Cleveland Ballet as a teen. It is there he was encouraged to change his name to Sascha. He attended the Cleveland School of Art on scholarship and studied art and ballet. Moving to NYC he worked for Macy’s as a window dresser and at 24 had a successful showing of his ceramics selling items to major New York museums. He was in the Army Air Corps where he was involved with the USO and discovered costume design. He went on to work at 20th Century Fox and in 1947 opened a decorative ceramic factory in Los Angeles which was backed by Winthrop Rockefeller. He became one of the top ceramic artists in the US. In 1962 Sascha had a breakdown and left his studio becoming somewhat reclusive he concentrated on pastel and oil painting and magnesium sculpture. In the 1970s he created a line of jewelry for Merle Norman among other ventures. In the 1980s he was in poor health but continued working on his own private art, jewelry and costume pieces along with commissioned jewelry. He passed in February of 1993.


Although from research we firmly believe this to be one of his pieces, we have yet been unable to document this emphatically. Therefore, we have priced it for its age and intrinsic value. We know you are in love with this gorgeous and bold brooch. You need to make it yours.